Speeds up production. Objects such as Metal, Wood, Concrete, Glass, Plastic and Electrical Appliances can be easily lifted, moved around, turned and rotated 90-180° using our equipment.

Lifting becomes an effortless one-man operation. The equipment is designed to be user friendly. It is controlled by use of either manual valves, magnetic solenoid valves, through a pendant, radio control or infra-red systems .

All the units can be powered by mains electricity, battery, hydraulically or with a diesel engine and can be attached to various types of cranes, fork lifts, transfer stations, etc.

Used correctly it will eliminate the risk of industrial injuries caused through repetitive lifting. This subsequently assists in improving productivity.


100 Kg vacuum lifting unit
Single pad mini system. This unit also benefits from having a secondary hook for lifting in the vertical position.



150 Kg vacuum lifting unit
Having a curved pad, this unit is suitable for lifting various diameter products.



250 Kg vacuum lifting unit
This unit is designed for lifting and turning through 90° copper and aluminium coils.



300 Kg vacuum lifting unit
Suitable for lifting sheets of timber, plaster board and other slightly porous products.



300 Kg vacuum lifting unit
This unit has multiple pads as it is designed for handling thin sheets of steel and aluminium.


700 Kg vacuum lifting unit
Suitable for lifting sheet glass. The outer pads shown on this unit can be switched off enabling the operator to lift different sized sheets.


1500 Kg vacuum lifting unit
This unit is designed for handling large steel plate and sheets measuring up to 15 metres in length.

Safety Features:

Each of our vacuum units are designed specifically with built-in safety devices such as visual and audible warnings of low vacuum and power failures and visual indications of safe vacuum levels.
In the event of a power failure all units have a guaranteed hang-on time of 20 minutes for non-porous items.
All units comply with the accepted international standards.