Pallet trucks and stackers

· Hand pallet trucks, power traction
· Scissor pallet trucks, manual and power lift
· Elevating platforms
· Electric pallet trucks, power lift and traction
· Manual and electric-drive stackers, electric/hydraulic lift

Lifting Equipment

· Ratchet lever hoists
· Hand chain hoists
· Electric and pneumatic chain hoists
· Travel trolleys + Beam clamps
· Cable pullers and accessories
· Electric and pneumatic winches
· Dynamometer systems


Flat webbing & round slings
Ratchet lashings

· Flat webbed slings
· Round slings
· Load securing systems


Hydraulic jacks and tools

· Hydraulic cylinders 5-1.000 t
· Hand and motor pumps up to 700 bar
· Universal and machine jacks
· Load moving equipment
· Hydraulic puller sets
· Workshop presses up to 200t
· Accessories to assemble complete hydraulic systems